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  • Taper Roller Dies

    WBM produces taper roller dies with high efficiency and automation. Rollers are formed on a single automatic cold heading press and are fed, cut, and punched into the die for five steps.We can produce different types and sizes taper roller dies with quality assurance,include:Combination Punch,Outside Sleeve,Blade,Combination Punch,Feed Cylinder,Combination Dies,Double Layer Sleeve,Insert.

  • Steel Ball Dies

    We can produce different types and sizes Steel Ball Dies with quality assurance,include:carbide steel ball cold heading dies,Steel ball cold heading dies for national

  • Tooling

    We have 30 years in designing and producing experience in bearings rolling elements and tooling industry with ISO9001 and IATF16949.Tooling for cold heading machine,lathe,grinder will be produced accoriding to your requirement.

  • Taper Rollers

    WBM produces high-precision tapered rollers: Capacity: 10 million pcs/month (diameter>13mm); Residual capacity: 4 million pcs/month; 5 roller production lines; 7 cold heading machines (3 Nationals, 4 Domestic); Heat treatment capacity: 9 tons/day.

  • Non-Standard metal parts processing

    Henan Weichuang can provide OEM & ODM service.We can customize non-standard metal parts according to the drawings provided by our customers, and also provide most flexible products you want.

  • Consultation/Trading

    Weichuang Bearing Precision Technology ,wholeheartedly serves the customers. In addition to free product and other products, we can also help you buy steel balls, cages, bearings and outer rings.With many years of production experience, Weichuang provides you with the most competitive prices and better products for you to solve the troubles of purchasing.

  • Taper roller with hole in the center

    the development of taper roller with hole in the center. Heat treatment was done by case harden. This kind of roller widely used in wind turbines bearing or special industries bearing. New energy bearing brings a new increase point in bearing market. Weichuang purchase two plug in type centerless grinder and one plug in type honing machine. Expand the taper rollers production capacity, now can supply roller diameter from 5 to 80mm.